Who I look up to as a Dietitian


When it comes to looking up to someone as a dietitian, what matters most to me, what I find the MOST valuable, is someone who has experience, knowledge, and evidently ethics that align with my own. Aside from that, it’s just being factual around the science, and having the ability to say things how they are without letting your emotions or opinions on the “matter of fact” get in the way. ⁠

Sneaky shout out to one of my other most respected dietitians at the end, but you’ll have to listen to hear who it is.

Handling The Chaos In Business


Business can be brutal. You get hit hard, hard in your gut, in your heart, in your wallet. Running a business is all about dealing with disappointment, putting out an endless array of fires, keeping up with so many moving parts and ever-changing details. The fun and happy stuff anyone can do, it’s the hard times which separate the pack.

Tyson Answers Questions From The Audience


Being Seen As The Rule Breaker


We're in the booth talking about misunderstandings.⁠ We've experienced a lot of misunderstanding and stereotyping in our careers, but there is one thing that people often think, that really isn't true (and has never been).⁠ At the end of the day, we don't really care what people think for the most part - but we still don't want our staff to think that we do this.⁠


The Biggest Struggle Working In The USA


Tyson recorded this on his last day in Australia before flying to the USA for work, and believe it or not, remote working from across the world was expected to be the least of his concerns.

What’s the Hardest Part About Being an Employer?


When you take on the additional responsibility of other people - whether it be one, ten or 70 people, you need to be able to take on that stress, while also working your arse off to ensure that you're delivering on what you promised each individual. It's a massive responsibility and something that is really hard if you're not wired that way. You don't really ever get told that you're doing a good job, because people just expect you to do... But that's just some of it.

Dietitian’s Don’t Know How To Fail


If you're a new grad or you're about to graduate, this is going to be one of the most important podcasts you will ever listen to. The entry requirements for dietetics is getting higher and higher every year, which means you've got to have the highest academic scores (ATAR/OP) to get into the courses. The problem with that is that these people are used to getting that high distinction - and then when there are no books, there are no assignments and there are just people in front of them, they don't know how to fail.

Tyson and Peta - Ranking Our Top 3 Achievements


What’s The Biggest Mistake Young Entrepreneurs Make?


I've said it before and I'll say it again, they take too much money, too soon. Too often, the young entrepreneurs or young business owners (whatever you want to classify yourself as) focus so hard on the dollar value, immediately. I didn't think about that sh*t at all, like ever, to this day. It's a side effect.

Peta Answers Questions From The Audience


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